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GREETINGS!!! and welcome to the Website of the Bird Watching Geologist. I am presently a college student  majoring in both Ornithology and Wildlife. Here are some photos from my bird watching journeys. Also present are some interesting insects, reptiles, amphibians, and both terrestrial and marine mammals seen while out in the field. All photos were taken by the Bird Watching Geologist unless otherwise noted. Please note that some of the photos may not be of the best picture quality, but they are still important for bird identification and records. If anyone finds any misidentifications please contact me at junipersmc, with details as to why it is not as posted, so names can be updated.

Thanks for visiting my site. Please note that this site will be continue to be under construction. Once "complete", new photos will continue to be added from Northern California.




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                        N. California


                                                Arcata, CA

                                                                                Arcata Fall 09  (Updated)

                                                                                Arcata Spring 2010  (Coming Soon)

                                                                                Arcata Fall 2010 (Coming Soon)

                                                            Arcata Marsh, CA

                                                                                Arcata Marsh, CA Late Summer 08

                                                                                Arcata Marsh Fall 08

                                                                                Arcata Marsh Spring 09 

                                                                                Arcata Marsh, Fall 09  (Coming Soon)

                                                                                Arcata Marsh Spring 2010 (Coming Soon)

                                                                                Arcata Marsh Fall 2010 (Coming Soon)

                                                            Fern Canyon, CA

                                                                                Fern Canyon Sept 08

                                                            Humboldt State University, CA

                                                                                HSU Late Summer 08

                                                                                HSU Fall 08

                                                                                Pelagic Birding Boat Trip Sept 08

                                                                                HSU Spring 09

                                                                                HSU Fall 09  (Coming Soon)

                                                                                Mammal Boat Trip Oct 09 (Coming Soon)

                                                            Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge, CA

                                                                                Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge Fall 08  

                                                                                Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge Spring 09   

                                                                    North Jetty

                                                                                North Jetty Sept 08

                                                                                North Jetty Jan 09

                                                                    South Jetty

                                                                                South Jetty Sept 08                

                                                                                South Jetty Oct 08

                                                                                South Jetty Feb 09

                                                            Trinidad, CA

                                                                                 Hill Trail

                                                                                        Trinidad March 09

                                                                                 Forest Trail

                                                                                        Trinidad Late March 09  

                                                                                 Tide Pools

                                                                                        Trinidad April 09   

                        C. California


                                                            Sacramento, CA

                                                                                Sacramento Spring 2010

Sacramento Fall 2010


                        S. California


                                                            Bolsa Chica, CA

                                                                                Bolsa Chica Winter 06/07

                                                                                Bolsa Chica Spring 07

                                                                                Bolsa Chica Winter 07/08

                                                                                Bolsa Chica Spring 08

                                                                                Bolsa Chica Summer 08

                                                                                Bolsa Chica Fall 08

                                                                                Bolsa Chica, Winter 08/09

                                                                                Bolsa Chica, Spring 09

                                                                                Bolsa Chica Fall 09  (Coming Soon)

Bolsa Chica Spring 2010 (Coming Soon)

Bolsa Chica Summer 2010 (Coming Soon)

                                                            Point Dume, CA

                                                                                Point Dume 2006

                                                                                Point Dume 2007

                                                                                Point Dume 2008

                                                            Ventura, CA

                                                                                Ventura August 2007

                                                                                Ventura August 2008

                                                                                Ventura, August 2009

                                                                                Ventura, August 2010 (Updated)


                                                            Bloomington, CA

                                                                                Bloomington, CA  (Updated)

                                                            Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

                                                                                Chaffey College Winter 07

                                                                                Chaffey College Spring 07

                                                                                Chaffey College Summer 07

                                                                                Chaffey College Fall 07

                                                                                Chaffey College Winter 08

                                                                                Chaffey College Spring 08

                                                                                Chaffey College, March 09

                                                            Fairmount Park, Riverside, CA

                                                                                Fairmount Park Winter 07

                                                                                Fairmount Park Summer 07

                                                                                Fairmount Park Fall 07

                                                                                Fairmount Park Winter 08

                                                                                Fairmount Park Spring 08

                                                                                Fairmount Park Summer 08


                                                            Lake Perris, CA

                                                                                Lake Perris Spring 08

                                                            Lost Lake, CA

                                                                                Lost Lake Aug 09

Lost Lake Mar 2010

                                                            San Bernardino, CA

                                                                                San Bernardino, CA


                                                            Big Bear Lake, CA

                                                                                Big Bear Lake, CA July 09

                                                                                Big Bear July 2010 (Updated)

                                                            Bandido Campground Angeles National Forest, San Fernando, CA

                                                                                Bandido Campground June 2009

                                                                                Bandido Campground June 2010          

                                                            Black Mountains, Idyllwild, CA

                                                                                Black Mtns June 08

                                                            New York Mountains, CA

                                                                                New York Mtns, (and Kelso Dunes) CA May 08

                                                            Table Mountain Campground, CA

                                                                                Table Mtn. Campground Aug 09                                            

                                                            Wrightwood, CA

                                                                                Wrightwood, CA May 08


                                                            Corn Springs, CA

                                                                                Corn Springs, CA Mar 07

                                                                                Corn Springs, CA Mar 08

                                                            Joshua Tree, CA

                                                                                Joshua Tree, CA Nov 07

                                                                                Joshua Tree, CA March 2010 (Updated)

                                                            Salton Sea, CA

                                                                                Salton Sea, CA Jan 07

                                                                                Salton Sea, CA, Feb 07

                                                                                Salton Sea, CA, Feb 08

                                                                                Salton Sea, CA, July 08

                                                                                Salton Sea, CA, Jan 09

                                                            Summit Inn, CA (Oak Forest)

                                                                                Summit Inn Aug 09

                                                                                Summit Inn  March 2010  (Updated)                   


                                                                                Big Island, HI, Mar 07


                                                                                Michigan, Aug 07


                                                                                Oregon Fall 2009  (Updated)



                                                                                Virginia, Jan 08



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